Work From Home: Expectation vs Reality

The thought of remote work has its own set of assumptions and preconceptions. The reality of working from home may come as a complete surprise to some individuals. People dreamt of working from home because of various factors. But every coin has two sides so is this. Working from home comes up with its own pros and cons. If you take the time and effort to remain in touch with your remote team members, working from home may be a pleasant experience. So, let’s debug the theories and reality observed  by Kraft-Obench (India’s leading home office pods manufacturer)


1. Video Conferencing:

We are all embracing a new style of working as the corporate sector transitions from a completely office-based approach to a newly hybrid workplace ones.  Video conferencing is one of the effective ways to connect with your colleagues and boss.

Expectations: No Disturbance

Virtual meetings have replaced face-to-face meetings for teams and clients. We anticipate a completely distraction-free video conversation, but what actually happens?

Reality: Family interference and distraction

Consider the following scenario: you’re on the phone discussing an important plan when one of your family members comes with some diversions. You can sense the shame going on here; that’s how we felt. And in such a situation, our work pods would have saved you with soundproof facility but instead ‘Sorry’ is the only word that comes to mind while conversing!

2.  Creation of Organized Workspace: A long-term home office pods should ideally be a dedicated work place in your house. 

Expectations: Creation of Beautiful Home Offices

Usually everyone working from home plans to design and decorate their workplace.

Reality: Laying on Bed

But in reality, bed is the only workplace they use mostly. People initially started laying down on their beds leaving their laptops and documents strewn across the mattress when WFH first started.

If you feel you don’t have a proper workspace, get your workstation/home office pods customized from Kraft-Obench at best prices and aesthetic designs.

3. Stress: Employees usually experience distress due to the work-from-home trend and increased workload, which can hurt their mental health and personal lives.

Expectations: WFH would result in reduced strain.

Employers believe WFH will relieve them of all travel, clothing, and work-related stress.

Reality: It’s merely a case of frustration

Working from home helped them get relieved of the stress that comes with working in an office, such as having to commute for lengthy periods of time. However, I didn’t anticipate that working from home would have its own set of difficulties.

Summing Up

If you establish the correct expectations and goals, working from home may be a fantastic experience. It is determined by your personality, work style, preferences, and of course the nature of your job. It helps a lot if you have a lot of self-control. There are, however a plethora of apps and tools available for those who want a bit more direction and assistance in staying focused. Despite our great hopes of how wonderful working from home would be, the cold, harsh truth is hitting us all fairly hard!

In the comments section, let us know some of your tips, expectations and reality about WFH and how effective it can be, to have a work pod inside your home.

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