Home Office

No more worrying About:

where's your laptop at?
are you audible?
kids barging in when you work?

Just setup your WOFRHO!® and chill.

Space Efficient

Less than 15 square feet is all you'll be needing for your Work Space.

Sound Damping

Getting Peace while working was a Dream until Now!

AC ventilation

We took care of you to not break a sweat while arguing with your boss.

Foldable table, Squishy Chair

So, you can be comfortable and not worry about backaches.

Easy Installation

We know you love Jigsaw Puzzles. Unfortunately, ours is way simpler than that. Pardon us.


It’s not just a Product. It’s an experience.

Space to make your
greatest impact.

A Space from where you can change the world while being distraction free and Awesome!

what is WOFRHO!®

It’s your work place which is customized to provide you with all the facilities required to conquer your day. A sound damped space where you don’t have to worry about world’s chaos. A space with lighting, sockets, chair, desk and even an air conditioner all wrapped up in less than 15 sqft, now that’s what we call going nature/space friendly.  

Choose from our variants
Get a customized one
Your Work Castle

Be the king/queen you always wanted to be and conquer the world.

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Pocket Friendly

Not all good things are expensive!
So, you can stop counting those zero's.

Most Affordable work solution In India.

You don’t have to worry about cost cutting because our goal is to provide you with the most affordable and best work solution in India.

Nation wide Shipping
Easy Installation

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