The future of workspaces

It is a form of recreation for companies to rethink their goals and strategy. The world is progressively returning to ‘normal life.’ The worldwide epidemic is still wreaking havoc on most regions of the globe. The path ahead after COVID-19 may be shaky and darkly illuminated, but it is far from hopeless.

According to several scientists, man is a sociable animal that enjoys forming emotional and intellectual bonds with others around him. We’ve been under lockdown for far too long, and it’ll be people we want to be with, although in accordance with all hygiene and safety regulations. Permanent employment from home, according to industry executives such as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, may have detrimental effects for social connection and mental health and yet few of the companies have made their decisions to continue working from home as a permanent solution.

“Messaging apps and video conferencing are efficient ways for employees to connect, but at the end of the day, there’s nothing like the benefit of bringing people together in-person in the right environment to build a sense of community and togetherness and an altogether more positive employee experience”, as per a blog from Weird.

Despite epidemic hiccups, several internet firms saw remarkable growth in 2020, like Amazon, which witnessed an 84 percent profit gain, and Google, which reported profits $21 billion more than in 2019.

Co-working spaces and Working Pods exist to assist businesses in focusing on their core competencies. Because operational activities take up a lot of time and effort in any firm, it’s better to pick a co-working space that can handle everything day in and day out while keeping a completely COVID-compliant and safe environment over a typical private office space. Safety and hygiene are not options or choices; they are a need for resuming commercial operations.

When it comes to the increase of remote work and its implications for office space, companies appear to be adopting quite different approaches. Only time will tell, as with so many elements of the future of work and the workplace. Many people are afraid that the coworking business as well as the working pods model is in trouble, as remote work is becoming the standard in many industries and other firms are foregoing office space entirely. There is evidence that some large actors are failing to cope with these massive changes.

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