7 Companies planning to go Remote

While the post-Covid-19 culture has disrupted the whole economy and organizations, it has also introduced a few substantial modifications to many firms’ work cultures. Morning rush hours, on-time log-ins, coffee breaks with coworkers, conference room conversations, and heading home after a busy day are now a thing of the past.

Below are 11 companies that have made the long-term move to totally remote work or are expecting to do so in the near future.

1. Meta:

Meta (previously Facebook) is a company that creates technology to help individuals locate communities, grow their companies, and connect. Meta thinks that connection is changing and is working to keep up with it. The corporation manages platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp and is trying to produce “the next step in social technology.”

2. Spotify:

Spotify is a commercial music streaming service headquartered in Sweden that offers its users and others access to a vast catalog of songs and albums from a variety of record companies. As soon as the shadows of the Covid19 epidemic began to fall over the planet, this corporation swiftly adopted a work-from-home policy for its staff.

3. Tata Steel:

Tata Steel Limited is a steel production firm based in India. Jamshedji Tata created Tata Iron and Steel Company (TISCO) in Jamshedpur in 1907, and Tata Steel Limited is now located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The corporation today employs over 80,500 people in 26 countries, with main operations in India, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

4. Upwork:

Upwork is a global digital marketplace for freelancers where businesses, entrepreneurs, and others post short-term and long-term freelancing jobs for individuals who qualify. When the coronavirus epidemic hit, Upwork didn’t waste any time in giving work from home options to keep its staff productive.

5. Twitter:

Amid the coronavirus epidemic, Twitter declared that its employees will be able to work from home. Within two months, however, the corporation announced that working from home will become permanent, with the exception of individuals who are required to be fully present at the office as part of their job.

6. Adobe:

Adobe is planning a gathering to commemorate the moments that matter.’ Employees and management are encouraged to create their own “pacing” for remote and in-person work. They created a new app to keep employees and teams in touch. Imagine a group chat with your employees that includes a Facebook-style news feed tailored to your team, as well as capabilities that allow you to make midday orders with a food delivery service.

7. Google:

Many requests to work remotely were approved, but Google headquarters will remain open. Employees who want to work from home full-time may face wage decreases, according to reports.

Employees are rerouting back to abandoned interests and passions to experience the new normal and put their own parameters to it. Taking care of the elderly and sick at home, as well as assisting spouses in dividing domestic duties and obligations for children, has become the new normal.

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