Uno Series Sound Insulated Workstation Platinum

The efficient use of space is ideal for teams that require multiple private work areas in their small office.

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Uno Series Sound Insulated Workstation Platinum

This soundproof meeting room can accommodate four people both in person and virtually. Provides an excellent choice for your meetings, whether everyone is present or some are participating remotely.

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Delve in the extra comfort of this uno platinum pod! With air conditioning, you really can’t afford to miss this uno platinum pod! In keeping with its vision of comfort while working, the WOFRHO’s Uno series’ platinum pod has a comfortable, cushioned couch. This platinum pod has the highest standard for sound insulation, and is virtually soundproof! After you’ve sorted out the sound comfort, the uno platinum pad has an impressive ventilation system that will keep you feeling fresh and focused while you enjoy the high air quality. These uno platinum pods are a low-cost quiet space solution made of upholstered acoustic foam. The Pods include a table with amenities for a tablet, small laptop, or notepad along with charging sockets. The uno platinum pod is a great one-person space for deep work and focused tasks. Connection is never lost thanks to the LAN port. It creates a comfortable workspace that allows people to disconnect from the bustling environment and office noise. The ergonomic design of the panel light supports a quiet and peaceful work environment. The lovely platinum pod is ideal for one person to produce exceptional work without distractions and without having to worry about private conversations being overheard or disturbing coworkers.

UNOS Series

A tranquil environment in which to work, make calls, or simply sit and relax.

Vocal pod

VOCAL Series

Tune yourself in an efficient, private, and enjoyable environment. Ideally for artists who loves to record while standing.

Dous Pod

DUOS Series

A double office work pod with two workspaces in one pod that is ideal for meetings!

Quatro Pod (1)


A room inside a room. Ideal for private phone and video calls, as well as meetings for four.