Meeting pods for offices

Create private meeting spaces in your office with our stylish and functional Meeting Pods. Perfect for enhancing focus and confidentiality during meetings or individual work sessions. Prices Starting from 69,999 Rs Only

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Upgrade your office environment with Meeting Pods designed to enhance privacy and productivity. These modern, compact spaces offer sound insulation and ergonomic comfort, ideal for confidential meetings or focused work sessions. Equipped with integrated technology options and customizable features, Meeting Pods by Kraft-Obench provide a versatile solution for any office layout.

Exclusive Products

Because we have all that you need. See for yourself!​

UNOS Series

A tranquil environment in which to work, make calls, or simply sit and relax.

Vocal pod

VOCAL Series

Tune yourself in an efficient, private, and enjoyable environment. Ideally for artists who loves to record while standing.

Dous Pod

DUOS Series

A double office work pod with two workspaces in one pod that is ideal for meetings! 

Quatro Pod (1)


A room inside a room. Ideal for private phone and video calls, as well as meetings for four.

What Are Customers Say!

The incredible product and team were very attentive to my demands, they sent me the various designs and explained tome the complete process. I got some customization done on this, and the product was delivered ahead of schedule. The feedback was very much in real time, and the overall communication experience with them was very comfortable.

Raman Sharma

Great product. Amazing experience. giving me good results for my YouTube channel voiceovers in a room with very little space. Very Helpful for avoiding unnecessary noise. I would recommend this to every vocal artist to get one. Excellent value for money.

Yashvi Silver WOFHRO! user

Necessity is the mother of invention. This product perfectly caters the current demand of today's consumer. It beautifully fits in my room enabling me to do my work more efficiently. Lets Wofrho!

Arun Saxena Partner, Creators Hub

Wofrho! is a versatile product which can be used by anyone who wants to increase their productivity while working from home. My family uses it all the time. It has made our lives easier and more efficient.

Dalbir Singh Khatri DSM, Comed Chemical