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Phone Booths For Offices: Privacy on Point!

Office phone booths are compact, private areas that allow employees to have private phone conversations or take part in video conferences without bothering coworkers. They usually have a desk, plush chairs, and audio and video equipment to support effective conversations. Phone booths are becoming more common in modern offices as more companies adopt open floor layouts and attempt to provide employees with specific areas for private chats. To meet the particular requirements of an organization, they can be ordered or customized from Kraft-o-bench- one of the best acoustic office furniture manufacturers.

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Features of Phone Booths For Offices

Compact Sizes

Our Phone booths for offices have compact sizes with all the necessary features to facilitate excellent communication at workstations.

Sleek Design

Our Phone Booths for Offices have acoustic walls with secure doors that not only protect privacy during telephonic or video interactions but also look stylish.

Comfortable Space

The custom-built phone booths for offices feature ample space with a cozy seating arrangement. The booths have sufficient air ventilation for comfortable use.

Privacy Protection

Installing a phone booth in the office helps to build a positive workplace culture while minimizing over-hearing and maximizing the importance of privacy and confidentiality.

Quality Soundproofing

Our phone booths are perfect for keeping prying ears at bay. This not only allows protected communication but also upholds workplace integrity.

Secure Communication

Phone booths are the perfect space to have secure communication without being bothered or bothering others during busy hours of work.

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Can You Add A Seat in My Office Phone Booth?

Yes! You can have your office phone booth furnished with cozy seats for uninterrupted long conversations.

Can I make Video calls from the office phone booth?

Yes! Our office phone booths are the perfect place for conducting hassle-free video conferences with utmost privacy.

Are these phone booths acoustic?

Yes! Our phone booths for the office are fully soundproof. These are built with high-quality acoustic panels to keep the conversation protection inside the booth and this prevents overheating of information by the bypassers.
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