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Add an Extra Layer of Privacy With Our Acoustic Office Cabins

Make your workstation a secure place with our acoustic office cabin. Our cutting-edge technology uses premium acoustic panels to add an extra layer of privacy to your official affairs. From having private discussions to classified meetings- our cabins offer a perfect spot for having work done with ultimate efficiency. Uphold your office integrity and maintain a calm environment by installing high-tech office cabins. Keep the prying ears at bay and indulge in better focus in your professional matters. Contact us to deck up your workstation with feature-rich office cabins for you and your employees!

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Features of Office Cabin

High-quality Walls

The walls of our cabins are made of high-quality acoustic panels that block disturbing sounds from outside while soundproofing your important talks inside.

Sleek Doors

Each office cabin comes with a sleek door that is safe to operate. The doors are also built with sound-proof panels to keep the sounds low, maintaining privacy and security.


While prioritizing soundproofing, the design of our cabins also makes sure enough space for a productive work session. The user feels more productive and focused instead of feeling encaged.

Comfortable seating

The office cabins have comfortable seating arrangements for the users offering all the ergonomic benefits while working. The user gets ample room to feel at ease while indulging in work.

Sufficient Air Ventilation

Our office cabins feature sufficient air ventilation. There’s no need to worry about feeling enclosed or trapped. The cabins are designed keeping users’ comfort in mind.

Perfect for Long-hour Duties

Looking for privacy and isolation to have better focus and efficiency while working long hours? Don’t worry! Our cabins will give you your perfect cozy spot while boosting productivity.

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How much does it cost to have an office cabin?

The price of installing an office cabin depends on factors like size, design, and the room required. Contact our team to specify your needs and get a quick quote for office cabin installation.

Are these office cabins spacious?

Yes! Our office cabins are spacious enough to get all the work done without feeling trapped. The cabins have ample space for movement and have meetings with 2-3 parties.

Will the office cabin block noises from going out?

Yes! You can carry on with your official affair without worrying about the information leaking out of the room. The cabins use a premium acoustic design to keep the conversations private and add an extra layer of secrecy to individual duty hours.
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