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What is an Acoustic Phone Booth?

The iconic symbol of London, red classic acoustic phone booths were well known in the world. Continuing the tradition for years, phone booths are one of the most popular and stunning things to set up in the office or non-office areas. Privacy today is a top priority for any, so whether you want to make an official call or a personal call, phone booths offer high privacy anywhere. Offer a high level of privacy and a noise-free atmosphere to your phone booth users with our acoustic phone booths available with top features. From whiteboards to USBs, a range of additional features are added in booths to cater to customers. Check out our acoustic phone booth range now!

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Distinctive attributes for your phone booth

Aesthetic designs

To cater to the latest demands and rising need for aesthetically appealing products, we have designed a unique range of colors and styles in acoustic phone booths that will complement your overall office infrastructure.

Top quality material

Top-quality material is used for the development of unique phone booths. From production material to paint, you will get a high level of quality in our designs and products. We ensure quality at every stage of phone booth development to offer you the best options.

Range of products

Our products are not limited to classic red phone booths, we offer a wide range of phone booth designs and products. So, check out our product range to find phones that suit your requirements.

Additional tech-savvy features

Our phone booth designs are developed for tech-savvy features like charging points, USBs, etc. Users can use these features when using a phone booth for conversations.

Ventilation facility

To ensure there’s enough Ventilation for users, we have a separate ventilation section and a fan included in the acoustic phone booth. So, users will have better breathability while having conversations.

High noise cancelation

Our phone booths completely block outside noise. So, users can complete phone calls and video conferences without the hassle of outside distractions.

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How much does an acoustic phone booth cost?

Acoustic phone booths can cost from INR 70k to 90k depending on quality and features.

Does the phone booth completely cancel the noise?

No phone booth can completely absorb sound, but acoustic phone booths have the highest level of sound absorption.

Are phone booths worth it?

Yes! When you need to eliminate distractions for official phone calls or video conferences, a phone booth works great.