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Almost a hundred years back, the first telephone box popped up in High Holborn and that’s how the iconic red phone box became a London trademark. Interestingly, this time it’s making its way into modern offices transforming the workspaces with greater efficiency. Now you can focus better at work without being bothered by the distracting background noises. Enjoy uninterrupted work sessions with our soundproof cabins that are built with premium acoustic panels. Our cabins feature whiteboards, USB chargers, and air circulation systems for productive communication. Enjoy privacy and hassle-free communication with our premium soundproof cabins!

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Features of Soundproof Booth

High-quality acoustic panels

We make use of premium acoustic panels to absorb and muffle sound. The cabins provide an ambient and silent backdrop for private chats or video calls.

Advanced soundproofing technology

Our cabins are built using cutting-edge soundproofing technology to offer a peaceful refuge in the middle of an activity-packed environment.

Integrated Accessories

Our cabins are outfitted with whiteboards, USB chargers, and proper ventilation systems bringing everything to one place for efficient communication.

Visually Appealing

Our cabins are not only functional but stylish. The cabin will smoothly blend into your workstation with its sleek and modern features.

Optional Customizations

We have a variety of sizes, patterns, and finishes. You can choose the design as per your office’s aesthetics and use preferences.

An ergonomic interior

The design of our cabins offers enough room without making one feel enclosed. The cabins have ergonomic seating with sufficient air ventilation for users’ comfort.

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Do you provide installation support?

Yes! Our team offers a seamless installation process. You can start using your private cabin in no time. Just give us a call for a demo.

Can I make my communication private?

Our cabins are exclusively designed for confidential discussions. Our cabins provide a secure and private environment. Having our acoustic cabins will help you secure sensitive conversations from prying ears.

Why should I have Voice Sound Proof Booth?

Your level of privacy will increase with the use of our Voice Sound Proof Booth. You and your employees can focus on productive communication without being bothered by outside hassles. From making private phone calls to attending high-profile video conferences, our cabins add an extra layer of privacy to any important communication.
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