Can freelancing and working from home improve your mental health?

Depending on who you ask, working from home can be relaxing and productive, or
uncomfortable and ineffective. It’s definitely not for everyone. However, for many, it is an
effective way to improve work-life balance, mental health, and overall well-being. About 15% of
the global workforce suffers from depression and anxiety disorders, and dozens of them die
each year. With billions of dollars in costs to employers, flexible working arrangements, and self-
employment could be the perfect solution.
Benefits of working from home
Whether you decide to quit your 9-to-5 job and start your own business, or simply want to ask
your manager if you can work from home part-time or full-time, it’s very easy. There are many
potential benefits, and the benefits can be deeply understood. It affects your overall state of
mind. stress relief
The biggest benefit of working from home is the potential for reducing stress levels. The Daily commute is gone, you can sleep a little longer, family commitments are easier to manage, and
you may achieve a higher level of concentration without being distracted by office chats and
phone calls. You can also save on travel expenses, food expenses, childcare expenses, and
work clothes.
While it’s impossible to avoid work-related stress completely, it makes sense to avoid situations
and environments that cause emotional distress. The pressure to go to work every day can be
overwhelming and debilitating for some people, especially those with mental illness. Fortunately,
working from home can relieve some of that pressure. You can set your own schedule, take
regular breaks at times that work best for you, and work in a quiet environment free of negative
energy and irritating co-workers.
-Time management.
-The extra time you will save from not having to commute can be put to better use.
-More sleep
-Additional time with the family
-Walking the dog
-Taking a yoga class
-Reading those books you never have time for
-Starting work earlier in the morning and finishing earlier in the evening
-Preparing healthy meals
-Meeting a friend for coffee
-Grocery shopping at a quiet time of the day
-Enjoying a more leisurely pace
Any one of these activities is surely more appealing than traveling during rush hour twice a day unless you have a penchant for traffic jams or the smell of a crowded train on a sweltering summer’s day. By spending more time on the activities you enjoy, or simply being able to slow down, you will feel calmer and more relaxed.

Increased productivity
When you feel better in your body and mind, you’re constantly tired, stressed, and anxious, and you`re more likely to resent your job,
approach it in an unenthusiastic manner and damage your work-life balance.
For some people, the job itself is the problem. For others, problems that affect health are the
result of inadequate schedules and work environments. This type of problem can be at least
partially resolved by working from home.

Improved physical health
The time you spend commuting and trying not to fall down can be redirected to improving your
physical health. Go for a brisk walk or cycle. Start running or swimming. Sign up for a yoga or
fitness class. Buy a desk with a treadmill. The possibilities are endless. Incorporating exercise
into your daily routine will make you more energetic and improve your mental state.
Exercise is one of the most powerful treatments for mental health problems such as stress,
anxiety, and depression. Even the simplest physical activity triggers the release of health-
promoting endorphins. It also relieves tension and stress, improves focus and memory,
improves sleep, and distracts you from negative thought patterns that interfere with your

When working from home, always make sure to keep yourself healthy

To eat healthy food
Diet plays an important role in the state of mental health. Working from home makes it easy to
prepare healthy meals. No need to rely on high-calorie snacks, cooked meals, or fast food. Most
of them are high in sugar, salt, and fat. You can make healthy meals and snacks by stocking up
on fruits, nuts, and other nutritious whole foods. This will help keep you energized and improve
your mental health throughout the day.

Eating healthy food while working from home.

Optimal work-life balance
Working from home eliminates the need to travel to and from the office, significantly improving work-
life balance. Instead, you can schedule it around family commitments, friends, free time, and
If you are already suffering from mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, or depression,
working from home will make it easier for you to better manage and manage your condition.
benefits have a significant impact on relationships, motivation, and overall attitudes.

Disadvantages of working from home
Of course, there are downsides to being self-employed and working from home. Some people
feel isolated and lonely, which can exacerbate pre-existing mental illnesses such as depression
and anxiety. Self-employed anxiety can cause more stress and anxiety. Lack of enforced structure and personal control can lead to general apathy and lack of work motivation. Still, working from home is a highly rewarding consideration for those struggling with mental illness.

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