Why are people quitting their jobs and working from home?

Following the impact of the pandemic on workplaces ranging from major corporations to IT companies and many smaller firms across numerous industries, resignations have risen dramatically over the world since 2021.

Employees appear to prefer working from home over better income after almost two years of doing so, and are even likely to quit their jobs if that option is removed.

So, Kraft-Obench has come up with a few reasons why individuals are quitting their employment and preferring to work from home:

1.    Travel Time: The travel time to and from the office will be saved. And also, people get to spend more time with their families which would be more beneficial for their young children. You can also avoid the rush hours and gain some extra hours that would not only enhance your productivity but also lessen your stress levels.

2.    Opportunities for Women: Because of the responsibilities of home and children, many women are expected to leave their occupations in the current situation. Work From Home, on the other hand, is a great boon for them.

3.    Focus: People have turned to offices as another source of diversion. Employees usually prefer to work from home because of the calm surroundings. You know, how? Have you heard about WOFRHO yet? It is the ideal all-in-one option for working from home because it can be installed anywhere and has all of the amenities.

4.    Work from Anywhere: You may work from anywhere, even a coffee shop or while on vacation with your family. Employees would be able to work from anywhere which means they’ll get location independence.

5.    Healthier Lifestyle: The best advantage about working from home is that you’ll have a healthier lifestyle and a better work-life balance. Employees who work in their comfort zones are happier, which has an influence on productivity. During flu season, a person would not go to work and instead spend quality time with his or her family while having the ability to be flexible at work.

6.    Unnecessary Expenses: Working from Home would not only save time, but also the expenses which includes parking expenses, expenses on clothes, and other unnecessary expenses.

Finally, working from home should be promoted since the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Flexible work options benefit both the employee and the firm. Remote work, work from home, and telecommuting can boost productivity, satisfaction, minimize employee turnover, and lower total operational costs for enterprises.

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