About Us


Aims to provide you with feasible office work pods at home. Our first venture, WOFRHO! best represents the company's vision. As businesses become more accepting of work from anywhere cultures, a new set of issues has emerged. Our team carefully examined the market gap and designed a full proof acoustic pods that can be easily installed wherever you want to work.

We, at Kraft-Obench, are driven by inquisitiveness, out-of-the-box thinking, and the make-in India initiative. 

Join us in our journey, and allow us to bring comfort to you! 

Where does the problem lie?

Due to the sudden spurt in the work-from-home regime, the prime concern for a worker is the disturbance and noise that tend to fill their work hours, the privacy issues they encounter, and the absence of a proper work environment. At times, it is unavoidable and one can’t do anything to avoid such circumstances.

Kraft Obench, a Delhi-based start-up, has created the revolutionary WOFRHO, an acoustic pod/office work pod with all of the amenities and ambiance of a workplace. We hope to achieve the highest level of convenience and productivity while remaining within the four walls of your home.

Our Journey

Divya along with Ishaan Saxena, our co-founders, minutely studied the challenges arising from work from home due to the pandemic, and thus WOFRHO! was born. With WOFRHO! we strive to provide all the facilities needed for working space. 

WOFRHO! is India’s first space that is energy-efficient, soundproof, and equipped with every prerequisite that provides complete privacy and a working atmosphere to the workers. 

You can install these office work pods at home effectively and efficiently to get your work done and dusted! 

Installation must be time-consuming? Guess what, the entire unit can be installed in less than 30 minutes!! 

Our aim

Our endeavour is to “Define remote workspaces.” We aim to educate more people on the remote work culture and help them transform their current workspaces. With the growing population and advancement in technology, traditional workspaces will eventually fade away. Hence, we are bridging the gap between productivity and remote working to delve into what the “Cognitive Home” of the future will look like.